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NDRI intends to run postgraduate programs in a number of applied field of studies. At present it has sought university affiliation to run Masters in Food Security, Disaster Risk Management, and Women in Development.

Trainingand Orientation Program

1)   Training cum Workshop on Research Methodology and Proposal Writing was organized from 25-30 January, 2015 in which 10 master's students from the Kathmandu University including five other college            faculties and 13 researchers and professionals from NGOs and development organizations had participated. This program was design and coordinated by Dr.Hari Dahal with a team of highly experienced             experts that provided hands-on experience and an integrated set of concepts and tools for research effectiveness and skill building. The major objectives of this program were:

  •          >>   Providing participants with the knowledge, skills and understanding of research paradigms and quantitative and qualitative divides and their integration in social and natural sciences,

  •          >>   Developing participant's the ability to define and formulate the research problem, research questions and setting out research hypotheses to be tested,

  •          >>   Enabling participants to make decision on the use of appropriate research designs, data collection and analyses using statistical tools and techniques to derive meaningful results and be able to                  write research papers to publish in peer review journals.

2)   One-day Training cum Workshop on Research Methodologytogive exposure on the fundamentals of research capacity building for researchers and postgraduate students were conducted at NDRI at the                following dates:

  •          >>   May 11, 2016 with 34 participants with various educational backgrounds (session topics were: defining research problem, statistics application in social research, and report writing and thesis                     format).
  •          >>   May 21, 2016 with 24 participants (research paradigm, correlation and regression analysis, determining sample size and project proposal writing).

3)    Nepal Development Research Initiative keeps on organizing training and research capacity building programs as of participant's demand and also develops customized training packages in research                    methodology, data analyses with SPSS application and project proposal writing.

4)   Research Advisory Services

The main objective of research advisory services is to help improve the quality of research proposals, dissertations and general project decision making. Our professionals help guide in research methods, statistical application, data analyses, interpretation and report writing.

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