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Bhattarai,T N Prof.


Dr. Tara Nidhi Bhattarai
Engineering Geology and Natural Disaster Expert

PhD (Engineering Geology), 2001, Kyushu University, Japan
M.E. (Geology)





Academic Qualifications

PhD in Engineering Geology

M.E. in Geology

M.E. in Geology

Key Areas of Expertise
1. Engineering Geology
2. Natural Disaster
3. Water Resources
4. Natural Hazards
5. Climate Change
6. Mountain Environment
7. Disaster Risk Management


Dr. Bhattarai is a geologist with long experience in engineering geology and other diverse field like natural disaster, climate change, water resources, natural hazards, etc. His 25 years’ experienceincludes different capacities as Team Leader; Geological Expert; Water Resource Management Expert; Climate Change Expert; Infrastructure Water and Energy Specialist; Natural Hazard Specialist. In his long career, he has worked as Principal investigator/Co-investigator, Project Manager, National Consultant, Research Collaborator, Project Coordinator etc. for various long-term  assignments in climate change, disaster risk management, livelihood, fresh water security, capacitybuilding programs and many more. He has experience of working with international experts and international organizations in Nepal as well as outside Nepal.

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