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Bhattarai, Umesh Kumar


Umesh Kumar Bhattarai, PhD

211 Rohini Marg, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu- 1, Nepal

Tel:00 977 1- 4461187; Cel: 9851115140;





Academic Qualifications

PhD in Political Science

Master of Public Administration

Master of Science in Defense Studies

Key Areas of Expertise

Strengthening and developing skills and knowledge in Social Science

Political Economy; International relations/Area Studiet

Conflict, Peace and Development

expertise in crisis/disaster management

security/strategic studies

Public policy/governance

leadership development

Civil-military relations



Dr. Bhattarai had Served Government of Nepal for more than 35 years at the various positions on the national and international duties. He is currently employed as a visiting scholar at Boudha Multiple Campus affiliated to Lumbini Buddhist University, Nepal. He is responsible to teach and mentor the research in the subjects like communication and Governance as well as understanding conflict and peace studies to the MBPS (Master in Buddhism and peace studies) students.He is also assigned as Visiting Faculty for Master’s Program in International Relations and Diplomacy (MIRD), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Tribhuvan University to teach and supervise the research in subjects like Public Policy and Global Governance, Security/ Strategic studies.

He conducted training program on “Conflict analysis and mitigation” for CARE Nepal along with research works at various levels. Also, he has been part of multiple seminars and workshops at different Universities and United peace keeping missions. He has published several books and articles, including several interviews as well. A book titled Conflict to peace: transition in Nepal has been well appreciated.


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