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Mulmi, Rabita Shrestha

Managing director: Nepal Development Research Initiative Pvt.Ltd.
Shree Durbar Tole, Lalitpur
Phone: +977-9843058818



Academic Qualifications:

PhD (Sociology), 2011, Yokohama National University, Japan
M.Phil. (Sociology)
M.A. (Anthropology)
B.A. (Sociology/Anthropology, Culture)
Key Areas of Expertise and Interest
Gender and Social Inclusion, Family Studies

Key Areas of Expertise

Gender and Social Inclusion


Dr. Shrestha Mulmi is the Director of Nepal Development Research Initiative Pvt.Ltd. and also the Gender and Social Inclusion Specialist. She has worked as a Coordinator in Baseline survey for Electoral Support Project (ESP)/UNDP, UNDP funded project, Facility Based Assessment for Reproductive Health Commodities and Services, UNFPA funded project and currently working as coordinator of Development of City Sanitation Plan for Birendranagar Municipality, SNV Nepal funded project. She is a GESI Expert in Conducting Formative Research to guide UNICEF’s Comprehensive Communication for Development Strategy (CD4), UNICEF funded project and Community Resilience Field Assessment Program (CRP).
She has been a part of many international conferences and symposiums. She has attended workshop in Climate Change, Agrarian Stress and Gender in the Eastern Gangetic Plains, International Water Management Institute, Nepal. She has been the supervisor of the Research student Katherine Perez, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany. She has a number of research works which are published and in process of being published.

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