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Regmi, Punya Prasad

Mobile number: 9851067238  




Academic Qualifications:

PhD (Rural and Regional Development), 1999, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand
M.Sc. (Human Settlements Development)
B.Sc. (Agriculture)

Key Areas of Expertise                                                            
1.Policy advisory and Coordination  
2.Food security and Atlas development   
3.Agriculture Economics  
4.Socio-economic impact analysis   
5.Food Security and Vulnerability to Climate Risk   
6.Agricultural planning and Implementation   

Punya P. Regmi is an Agriculture Economist and Policy Advisor working for the Government of Nepal with recognized expertise in the areas of food security, agriculture and climate change, and agricultural policies. With 25 years’ plus experience, his career includes different capacities as Professor of Agricultural Economics at Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Team Leader; Livelihood Expert; Policy Advisor and Project Coordinator for various long-term assignments in food security, climate change, climate smart agriculture, and youth and women empowerment. Recently he is leading the CCAFS funded research on National Adaptation Prioritization in Nepal where his role is to prioritize site-specific climate smart agriculture options and advocate for their incorporation into the mainstream policy. He was also team leader in another CCAFS funded three tiered research regarding climate smart agriculture in Nepal which included the theme of prioritization of adaptation/ mitigating options in Nepal, yield forecasting for weather risk management and ICT based agro advisory. He was involved in framing 10 years Climate Change Adaption Road Map for Food Security in Nepal (country paper) under Nepal Adaptation Plan of Action (NAPA, Nepal). He has been responsible for developing “The Food Security Atlas of Nepal” under National Planning Commission (Government of Nepal) and UNWFP. He has also been Independent Consultant/Principal Investigator for various projects related to High Food Prices, Food Security and Conflict, Natural disasters, Poverty and Vulnerability Assessment and Sustainable Agricultural Development. He was also member of visiting Faculty / International Consultant/Researcher Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand from 2008-2009. Currently he serves as the Executive Vice Chairperson of Ministry of Finance - Youth and Small Entrepreneur Self-Employment Fund Secretariat. Dr. Regmi holds Ph. D. from Asian Institute Of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand in Agriculture Conservation and Rural Development.




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