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Upadhaya, Madhusudan Prasad


Madhusudhan Prasad Upadhyay, Ph.D

PhD, in Agriculture, Kansas State University, USA

M. Sc. (Agriculture)

B. Sc. (Agriculture)


Key Areas of Expertise 

1. Agriculture
2.Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
3.Farming System
4.Genetic Resource
5.Plant Breeding



Dr. Madhusudhan Prasad Upadhyay is an agriculture and genetic expert, and completed his Ph.D. from Kansas State University, USA. He did training regarding farming system in the USA, Genetic resources and Intellectual Property Rights in Sweden and Development administration and Management from Nepal. He is a lifetime member of Society of Agricultural Sciences in Nepal, Indian Journal of Plant Breeding & Genetics and Nepal Agricultural Association, and member of the Agronomy Society of Nepal. His major employment records indicate his leadership positions asprincipal scientist at Nepal agricultura genetic resource centre, senior scientist in Agriculture Botany división in NARC, Farm manager of an agricultural farm in Kavre  and as consultants and advisors in internationally recognised organisations like Swiss development cooperation, IUCN, FAO, USC-Canada and ICIMOD. He has been editor of three proceedings, more than six Papers published in international journals and more than hundred publications in proceedings, annual reports etc.

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